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I D this Unusual driving light!


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3 hours ago, sftamx1 said:

Anyone have one,for sale?

They are appropriate say 1927 to 1932ish

They come in driving and also fog

They show up on ebay - Try:

K-D lamp

or K-D Light,

Corcoran Brown lamp

or Corcoran brown Light

S&M Light

or S & M lamp

Oval Light  

And, look in the the vintage parts category, 




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No plans to sell it, however? I have one similar, probably a bit earlier. "Brown E A M Universal" and "Mid Lite" are stamped in the reflector. Oval shape with nice clear convex lens, silvering on the reflector is not quite perfect (very nice for anything short of 100 point show car!). Black paint on the back is shot, and nickel plaiting on the rim is maybe fair, more likely call it poor (I have never tried to polish it). Part of the clamp bracket is missing, but easily made to fit anything. The back bracket is a simple flat steel piece with a dished end to fit the bracket on the bottom of the lamp bucket used to adjust slightly for level and direction.

I have had the thing for more than forty years, hoping to have a car I would like it on. The only car I had that came close was the series 80 Pierce I had years ago. But I preferred the "more understated" look on it instead. I might consider putting it on the '27 Paige sedan (as if I will live long enough to be able to restore the car!). The fluted reflectors with clear lenses should go well together.


Let me add, I have known "Durocar" / "Durospeed" through local clubs for many years now. As far as I know he has always been good to deal with. He has always treated me well. So I second giving him a contact!



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