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'22 Studebaker Top Lowering

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Am going to attempt to lower the top on my '22 Speedster for the first time and wanted to check something.  The owners manual direction (copy attached) states to roll the top up after it is lowered and basically tuck it between the first and last bow.  Does anyone have any experience that this way reduces the chance of damage to the top as opposed to, say, folding it in between each set of bows as they are lowered?  Rolling it would obviously put less stress on it than folds but just wanted to see what others experience might have been.  Very sure my top is original and will take it very slowly so as not to damage it.  Thanks 

OPERATION No. 3-Fold top down and pull 1.jpg

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6 hours ago, starlightcoupe said:

I would think folding it between each bow would definitely put a pinch in it at the fold.

I would inquire if there is anything the deck can be treated with to enhance the flexibility of material a century old.

Thanks, I will. 

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3 hours ago, Stude Light said:

Just like instructions say....When you fold the top you pull the material from between the bows then roll it up and lay it between the front and rear bows then slip on the boot. Works great. Leaving it folded between bows will damage the material as to bows rub it.



Thanks Scott.  I'll use your photos as a guide when I try lowering mine.  Better than just having the diagrams.

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