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Engine Replacement


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I have an 86 Regal, 307Y motor, AC. Body, suspension, trans in good shape. I am getting smoke from the 307 and would really like to take it out and replace with a 3.8 V6 motor. I am aware of GM rebuilt motors for this application. What am I looking at is advice and suggestions as far as the mounting of the V6, pulleys, exhaust and all of that. I might use a carb or a Holley TBI fuel injection system for fuel delivery. Probably use and Edelbrock manifold.


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[color:"blue"] You will need a lot of parts to make the conversion. Would go to a junk yard and strip a V6 equipped G Body (Cutlass or Regal) of the engine wiring harness and computer wiring harness, computer, carburator, all the brackets and accessaries that may be different from the 307 (such as power steering pump, alternator, smog pump, etc) starter motor, fuel pump, motor mounts and motor mount frame pads. Be sure to get all the lines and hoses that make the installation complete. It might be a good idea to get the complete engine, pan to carb including air cleaner, accessaries to flexplate just to be sure you have it all.

The rebuilt engine will not have all this stuff that you will need to install this engine. The engine wiring harness unpluggs from the back of the fuse block under the brake booster. Luckily the motor will bolt directly to the transmission and the engine flexplate will bolt to the torque convertor

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