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I just replaced the nylon cog wheels on the odometer.  In the process I broke the plastic knob to the light switch; I was able to get a replacement.  I have now put the dash housing back unto the car but find it impossible to push the dash knob prong into the switch.  I thought I would take the knob off the prong and see if I could push in the prong, but I can't get the knob off the prong.  There is clearly a very small metal clip to release the lock located in the knob but I can't get the knob pulled off.  I figure that I will have to remove the dash housing, remove the knob, push the prong to connect into the switch, then replace the housing being careful to put the prong through the hole for it in the dash housing.

After all of that replace the knob on the prong.   Now what other ways can I get the prong released from the plastic knob?.   

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There is, or should be if the knob is actually for a TC, a fine slit in the knob at the dash end. You can take a thin blade of a pocket knife, or a small straight blade screwdriver and stick it into the slot and gently press against the lock tab in the direction you are pulling on the knob, to remove it.

I hope this is clear enough to understand.

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