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booster dewey humor


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Just thought i'd share an experience I had recently, thought it was great.


  I'm in the process of redoing my 65, not a frame off but probably one or two steps down from it. I needed my brake booster rebuilt and I had used Booster Dewey before so it was a no brainer.

  With things the way they are they were saying they were 4 to 5 weeks out, didn't matter wasn't driving any way. Sent it out, checked a few times on progress. Same person answered the phone every time. Always very nice and jovial. She was professional but very personable. It was almost like she laid the phone down and walked out in the garage to check on it. Always left me with a smile when I hung up the phone. 

  For those that don't know, they are located in Portland and everyone knows what's going on there. So, anyway I could support a local business and one that helps our hobby, more than happy to do so.

  So, got a call, my booster was ready, talked a bit, paid for it, they were shipping it that day, good deal. Received the booster, looked great, painted black like I said, a few notes and cautions. Then I looked at the invoice and I thought this was hilarious, (that's a pack of peanut m&ms). In a time of political correctness I loved it. I doubt if anyone on here is but in a time of being offended by everything this is a perfect car guy (gal) joke if you will. 

  This might not be much of a deal to anybody else but I'm so tired of people being so cautious about joking around. I like busting my buddies balls and them doing it to me. 

   Anyway, great experience and I hope there business is around for a long while. definitely will use them again and will recommend in an instant. Just had to share this. 

  Thanks Joey




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Beside Dewey doing my booster, I asked him if he could re-plate ( gold ) the res cap, which he did. the ones you can buy online just don't look right. But he matched them up. I asked him what else he could re-plate- he said "send me your hood release assembly". Which I did.  Not expensive at all, and the 3 matching gold components really made a difference.


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