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1989-1996 Buick Century Trunk Ornament


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Hello, all!


Today, while attempting to slide the Buick lock Ornament over to get in my trunk the sliding piece came off in my hand!


I'm on the search for another, if anyone has one please email me! I've attached the part I'm talking about.




If you have a used one in good condition as well is desirable, or if you know how to fix this please let me know. Thx!





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6 hours ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

You should post your query in the "Buick Buy-Sell"

category, where lots of Buick specialists congregate.

They may know of some good sources.


Meanwhile, I suggest the internet site www.car-part.com.

You can enter your car's year, make, and model there,

and see what is available at participating junkyards.

Thx! I believe it was moved already. I didn't know there was a specific section, as I'm still new to this forum.

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