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Modern images - in color - to relieve some of the stress


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We had a stress-free day at the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, Mass. on Cape Cod.  The Museum brought a number of their fine cars out on the lawn and brought others out of storage for display on the floor.  It was a perfect late summer day, 70 °F, blue sky, gentle breeze.  Everyone wore masks and social distanced so we could move around the cars.  We drove our 1941 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser to the show, stopped for a lobster roll in Padanaram, stared at the boats in the harbor.  Then a nice nap!


Here are lots of photos of cars that you may have seen in the old b&w photos.  There were many colorful cars, even in the old days.  All the cars pictured belong to the museum, except my Studebaker.



The Heritage Museum main galleries.



1909 White Steamer used by President Taft.  This is an enormous car!



1909 White steamer used by President Taft



1932 Auburn boat tail speedster



1930 Cadillac V16



1930 Duesenberg Model J, belonged to Gary Cooper



1915 Ford Model T, rare body style



1950 Ford Custom



1965 Ford Country Squire station wagon, a recent acquisition



1910 Knox Model R



1927 Lincoln Sport Touring



Locomobile in 1908 Vanderbilt Cup race being driven by George Robertson



1912 Mercer Raceabout engine



1912 Mercer Raceabout



1912 Oldsmobile Autocrat



1912 Oldsmobile Autocrat cockpit



1912 Packard 1-48 Victoria



1932 Packard 900M



1909 Reo Model D



1915 Stutz Bearcat



1899 Winton



My 1941 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser at Padanaram Harbor.


Winton 1899.JPG

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The Coper Duesenberg is a bunch of fun......had a chance to snoop around it a bit a while back. I can’t get over the paint scheme.......even though it’s correct. It’s a nice museum and a great collection with fantastic people running the place. I hope to return soon.

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5 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

That Mercer reminds my of James Melton's car. might have to read Bright Wheels Rolling yet another time tonight.

CLOSE! That was Ken Purdy's the author of Bright Wheels Turning. He lived 4 miles down the road from me in Wilton, Ct. James Melton lived in Westport and housed the collection on Rt 7 in Norwalk. 



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  • 10 months later...

My Grandfather is Conrad Lofink.  Going to visit his restoration 1912 Mercer at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich MA next Wednesday.  They got it running last year.  Would love to find a listing of Melton's collection.

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2 hours ago, pal run said:

My Grandfather is Conrad Lofink.  Going to visit his restoration 1912 Mercer at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich MA next Wednesday.  They got it running last year.  Would love to find a listing of Melton's collection.



From Wilton,Ct. right? Did he restore cars for other people in the area? Bob 

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Wilton is correct.  

Relatives have told me that Connie was Melton's Head Mechanic when his cars were in Norwalk CT.  Have also been told there were other early cars that he is credited with restoring.

My siblings and I have no living older relatives that would have more knowledge of his workings.  My two older brothers and I were all born after Grandpas' passing.  The picture we have of him with the Mercer is how we grew up knowing him.


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