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1976 Cadillac El Derado


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HELP! I am a new antique car buyer...I purchased my "prized" vehicle and have been driving all over the place!

Last time out, I put the top down and now the top is "stuck" half way up or half way down, depending on how you look at it.

I have forced the top to almost close, but am missing getting it to the end by about 12 inches.

The only book I have to troubleshoot with is the Chilton Cadiallac Manual, this is of little use.

I am not real handy with the technical stuff, so any advice needs to be written for an idiot.

Technically, when I do press the lever to open or close, I get a very soft, almost undetected hum...but nothing to indicate it will respond.

I have contacted the local Cadillac Dealer, they were of no help.

Any advise would be great!

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I have one of these wonderful cars also. As you may or may not know (I did not, until after I got the car), these tops go up and down by means of two drive cables connected from the drive motor to the top frame on the left & right sides. If you take the rear seat completely out, you will see the motor and two cables coming out of it. I would follow these to the point where they attach to the frame mechanism. They unscrew much like a speedometer - I would take them loose on both sides at the point on the frame. That way, you can raise and lower the top manually and determine if your problem is with the top assembly or with the motor/drive. I had problems with both - one of my cables had snapped inside its sheathing and then, after getting this fixed, I found that one of my bows was "sizzoring" the wrong way due to it coming loose from an attachment to the vinyl itself - that caused my top to get stuck halfway.

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