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How Many States & What Cities Have HPOF Events

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Hello All,

I live in south MN and have a keen interest in the preservation of original automobiles and trucks. I have recently been made aware HPOF and would like to know if there are any of these events in the upper mid-west near me.

I have an amazing original 2 ton truck that came off of a century + old farm site where it was well preserved by a long time loving owner. It is heavy to haul and slow to drive for long distance so I am looking to register and show closer to home. I would like to know if "heavy trucks" are recognized by HOPF and if there is any public interest in them. Thanks and good luck on your projects everyone!


1952 Chevy 2 ton and 1958 Minneapolis Moline 335-I 013.jpg

laying down new driveway with old iron 2020 005.jpg

1952 Chevy 2 Ton Truck 2020 009.jpg

1952 Chevy 2 Ton Truck 2020 020.jpg

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Tony, I have no answer to your question as I live in NC. I do however love your truck. I don't know the year but, I learned to drive @ 13 y/o on a 1953 5 window. I will never forget how that old truck drove. I've looked for one for the past 20 years or so. Again, beautiful truck.

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Tony, all AACA national meets have an HPOF class,

along with other classes, for cars and other vehicles.

You may know that AACA national meets are held

in several places around the country each (normal) year,

and that many of them move from place to place

from year to year.  Hundreds of cars are typical for 

national meets in your part of the country, and the

nearest might be Auburn, Indiana.


Local AACA "regions" usually have local shows, but the

content of local shows is up to the local club.  People

would be happy to see your truck at local shows,

whether or not they have a HPOF (Historic Preservation

of Original Features) class.

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Tony, if you are not already an AACA member you need to join to learn more about AACA HPOF vehicles. There is a certification process that is available to recognize and honor such vehicles that you should participate in.  We look forward to seeing you on the show-field.  HPOF is one of AACA's most popular classes at our events.


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Beautiful truck   You might try Iola, I believe they have a truck show?


I would get a copy of the HPOF rules and regulations.  A friend of mine tried to show his 1932 Nash in a preservation class (I do not think it was a AACA event) and was extremely disappointed in what their definition of "preservation" class was.

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Hi Tony,

Nice Truck!!  My uncle had one similar to this.  

If you are interested in showing it at an AACA meet, here is some information on HPOF vehicles found in the AACA Official Judging Guidelines.

A link to the AACA Official Judging Guidelines:  http://www.aaca.org/images/judge/2020_Judging_Guidelines.pdf 

Section 3 Appendix 3-10 has the HPOF Certification Form

                 Appendix 3-11 has the HPOF Original Certification Form

Section 4-3 and 4-4 has information on the Historical Preservation of Original Features (HPOF).  



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