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Adding some additional early multi-maker carburetor literature to the "for sale" section of my website;


Lit_1043 - Motor Car Carburetor by the Automotive Journal 1916. 8 1/2 x 11 inches by 56 pages. Some of the red ink on the cover has bled onto some of the pages, otherwise nice. Operation and adjustment information on the following carburetors: Alco, Amplex, Bennett, Bowers, Capitaine, Chadwick, Carter, Durr, Economy, Franklin, G & A, G & C, Gaeth, Hamilton, Holley, Kingston, Locomobile, Longuemare, Maxwell, Mathewson, Mayer, Marienfelde, Peerless, Pierce-Arrow, Rayfield, S. G. V., Sleipner, Stearns, Schebler, Stromberg, Universal, and Willett.  Price $200.00


Lit_1046 - 1923 Military Ignition and Carburetion training manual. 6 x 9 inches by 240 pages. Ex-library copy, excellent condition. Describing ONLY the carburetion section. Theory and service information on: Stromberg models G and M, Marvel, Cadillac (made by Johnson), Schebler H (motorcycle), Stewart (Detroit Lubricator) model 25 (Dodge), Zenith, White carbs; also Stewart vacuum tanks. Price $100.00 (This is the source for the information I posted on the White carburetor earlier).


Lit_1044 - Automobile Carburetor Manual by ICS from 1938. 8 1/2 x 11 inches by 133 pages. Paperback, with rough cover. Inside pages are nice. Theory and service information on: Carter B & B, W-0, W-1, WD-0, WCD, Chandler-Groves, Detroit Lubrication (both updraft and downdraft), Marvel, ED1S, ED2S, EDS, B, AC (motorcycle), C, CD, Stromberg AA, AX, DDR, DXR, EE, U, UR, UUR, BX, Tillotson D, U, UR, DY, Zenith 20, 28, INxxx, K, CARBURETOR APPLICATION CHARTS, automatic chokes, and more. Price $150.00



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