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Went for a ride; fed up with Covid, Yamaha RZ-350


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The Covid blues: Stuck at home and not too many places open So ------------------


  Nothing better that taking a 2-stroke, for a ride.  Just hearing that screaming engine; puts a smile on my face.


I couldn't take my little doggie, on this ride; but I promised her a cookie for posing with the bike.




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Your Yamaha is in great shape)) Do you prefer race tracks or off-road options? I would like to go to some motorcycle show this summer. While I tend to choose Progressive IMS Outdoors. August is a great time for such an event (I'm planning in Chicago). I want to try to restore my father's Yamaha. The motorcycle was just kept in the garage. I don't think there will be problems with this but I am mentally ready to navigate to these guys. The good thing is that replacing parts is not a super difficult problem yet. This covid year has robbed me of a lot of fun and I hope not to miss the opportunity this year.

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