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I purchased some headlights at an auction recently. I am not sure what they originally fit. One of the lenses is broken. I would like to know what they fit so I can look for a replacement lense. Any help would be appreciated. They are marked FLEX BEAM HEADLAMP on the top, and C.M. HALL LAMP CO. DETROIT MI. U.S.A. on the bottom. At the top/front they are decorated with what appears to be pine cones with wings, with about a half-inch ridge separating them. The lenses are marked, right and left; and the right one is broken. I have additiomal pictures I could e-mail, if you could help identify them.


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You might find it useful, particularly if you can find the lens number as suggested by the previous poster, to check

one of the following web sites:

They each have extensive listings of lenses ...


At this site I can see a variety of 30's vehicles that used Flex Beam lenses (including 34 and 35 Hupmobiles, some Packards,

etc. (And they have the specific numbers for both the right and left lens for many vehicles).

Note: The home page is http://oberon.ark.com/~schwanic/index.html ... which seems to be Cars & Parts Etc. and they have

some lenses for sale.

The second site with an extensive list of lenses (and also lenses for sale) is Vintage Auto Parts (www.vapinc.com) and their

lens page is normally: http://www.vapinc.com/lenses/main.html

Their site is currently closed until January 8, 2003

I hope that this is of help to you.

Good luck,


Note: I have no affiliation with either of these companies ... but find them to be a useful resource.

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