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1938 218 Windsor


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  • My Project Cars:1938 P6 Delux Business Coupe

The Plymouth motor in 1938 that was made in Canada was a 218. They decided to make only one motor for economic reasons. they could not support making a 201 and a 218. 
They went with a 218 25" because they could use that block for a larger variety of engine offerings. I have not confirmed it yet but the 218 in Canada did not get up to production until January 2018. that means the USA sent 218 truck motors to Canada to augment  P6 production until there 218 line was up and running in January 2018. I have a early 38 P6 Deluxe coupe with a 218 truck motor which was made in Windsor. I need to find a similar production run Car that has a 218 truck motor built in it before January 1938 to confirm. From what I read all Canadian motors were 218 at least at the start of production in 1938. FYI my car has a block heater. my engine number is T584753. The casting numbers are 10-13 and 666029-2. It was the 496 P^ made off the line and if 10-13 is what I think it is then the motor was made in the USA on 10-13 -37 and shipped to Windsor to be installed in my car. 

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