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My speedometer is not working, disconnected cable from head and I am getting ready to send this to a speedometer shop. I am now obsessing about the appearance of the unit. Is it correct, or not. The one in the car is a 120 mph unit and it was refreshed five years ago. I checked my parts manual and it lists only one number for the speedometer (1565777) as being correct for 1940. This would lead me to believe that all speedometers that Buick installed in 1940 were 110 mph. 

I purchased a speedometer from 1940 with the 110 mph and the "Bright Lights" at the bottom of the bronze bezel with the intent of restoring this and installing it in my car. I am aware that the cream colored plastic is not going to line up with the tic marks on the clear mph indicator, but I think that I can make that pretty close. Could Buick have installed the 120 mph unit (1566016) in these cars later in the year? Suggestions, recommendations?

Thank you,

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No, all Buicks in 1940 had the 110 mph speedometer.  You have the option of selling your 120 mph particularly if it is in good condition and operable; they are in demand.  That will give you seed money, or possibly more to repair the correct 110 speedo.  The 120 speedo's seem to be more popular/desirable because of the greater number of 1941 Buicks out there relative to the 1940's. I had a time finding a 110 but did, and am now having it rebuilt.  Once you've seen the difference, however slight, your eyes will always tell you that you've got the wrong one.  


Now if your driving the tires off that car and you can overlook the slight differences, I'd say keep going.

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