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I was just browsing Craigslist ads for Michigan and I came across an ad for a chain drive Mack truck. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it to take a closer look. I didn't get far before I noticed a Hudson pick up in the background. The ad doesn't mention the Hudson, but if the guy is selling the Mack, he might be cleaning house. If one of you has an interest, you can contact the man through the C/L Mack ad:





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3 hours ago, Jeff Perkins / Mn said:


I have a friend In southern Minnesota who has a 1921(?) AB that is an open truck. It runs and has new tires. Wants 5K for it........would need lights and some other extremities and has no box or anything behind the cab.

Jeff P.

I bet you have more room than I do!

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29 minutes ago, Jeff Perkins / Mn said:

Murphy’s law of car collecting..........if you have X amount of garage space you will want X + Y amount of cars!

I will try to stay right where I am at.......I could fill up a warehouse!


Jeff, what's the blue sedan?

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