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1955 Roadmaster General Parts, A/C receiver and sight glass.

Michael CPA

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So, I picked up a 1955 Buick Roadmaster parts car last week from Wisconsin.  If you are looking for something, hit me up.  The factory air, rear bumper and passenger rear tail light housing is called for by me.  The gravel guards are shot and there is quite a bit of rust.  Someone has currently asked for the carburetor but is may still be in play.  The floor is rusted through.   I am not looking to make money on the car.  Just maybe recoup some of my $2,800 investment when I bought it. 


Also, I am currently missing twos part of the A/C the site glass and the receiver that sits in front of the condenser.  Old Tank and Father Buick have been great resources and have helped me with the other parts and work arounds in the event I cannot find these.  But if I can find OEM, I would prefer to use them.  


PM me if anyone can help out.  Thanks.  

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