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I am researching the various years Indy 500 Pace Cars. Since the 500 festival Association was formed in 1958 a number of cars were delivered to Indy for the 500 festival Directors and track officials to use during the month of May. Sometimes they were replicas of the actual Pace Cars, while other years a different model was used. A sheet was generated with the VINs, car color, model type, and who was assigned the car. I have a number of these sheets, the oldest being 1970 but I am sure there were older ones. Does anyone have a copy of these sheets?  I am finding there is so much misinformation about the Pace Cars that some significant cars are overlooked or passed off as "not real".  Here are some facebook groups I have started for the various years I have completed. It really helps to have input from the hobbyists to set the records straight. thanks for any help.



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Check with the Hurst/Olds Club of America www.hurstolds.com . They have a lot of documentation on the Oldsmobile Pace Cars though I don't think they go as far back as years you're trying to document.

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