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Collectible Reatta

walt in ciniti

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The following should answer the question. Will the Reatta become a collectible car?

This is a quote from Collectible Automobile magazine, August 1988, vol. 5 number 2

Last paragraph in the article.

"The Reatta might possibly be a stronger contender as a Future Collectible if it fails in the marketplace, since it would then be much rarer. On the other hand, if successful it still has every chance of becoming collectible since it has the pluses of top-of-the-line status, two-seater configuration, and sporty styling. The reatta convertible, due in 1989, adds the fun-in-the-sun element and is sure to become a collectible. Even if Reatta achieves 20,000 units per year -enough to make it commonplace- consider that Ford built over 100,000 Mustang convertibles for the 1965 model year. Have you priced one of them lately"

Walt in cinit

90 Convertible

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