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Anyone know anything about these Olds hubcaps?

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The hole is where the bolt  goes that secured the heavy hubcap to the wheel. These wheel covers were used on several different Olds models and they would just use different inserts to match the car used on,


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Oldsmobile offered this style of accessory hubcap throughout the 1980's. The difference between model years was different center logo badges were used. 

I think your cap appears on picture page from a 1984 full size Olds brochure and also seen here on a 1984 Olds Delta 88 LS model.  

ref:  (old car manual project brochures)

1984 Oldsmobile Full Size-08.jpg

1984 Oldsmobile LS .jpg

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You folks are awesome!  My dad had a big Ol'Olds 98 back in the day.  Loved that car.  What a deluxe cruiser, it had all the bells and whistles taken for granted nowadays but a rare and plush luxury back then. As Sherlock would say ... well done Watson, and Fleek and 8E45E too.  Glad to know these most likely came from his ride and it was "Your Fathers Oldsmobile".   Thanks again everyone for all your help!!!   Nostalgia Bob

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On 9/9/2020 at 10:33 AM, 1909schacht said:

you need these adapters that go on  the lug studs in order to mount the hub caps to your rim



Only if you want to have the anti theft part of the caps.  Otherwise the caps will work fine on a car without them.

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