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WTB 1954 Kaiser Darrin Parts

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Here is an email I got:


They WTB


1.    Dash- and ANY brackets or ALL related parts to the DASH
2. Ash tray for center console
3. Front and rear bumper guards
4. Steering wheel and  horn ring and all related horn, springs and parts.  i have the rubber grommet.
    Also need a steering column.  I have the correct gear box.
5.  Wind deflector wing mounting brackets.  (2).     I have two and need two more. Chrome brackets originally. Go on outside of windshield. to connect wing to side of windshield each side.
6.  Correct rear view mirror that mounts on center of the dash.
7. Three  wing nut tie downs (Chrome) for the back of cvt top to secure the back of cvt lid. Need Three.
8. Complete heater- maybe.  I have bits and pcs - not sure if it will work.
9. Larger eye brow that goes over the tach gauge and speedo,  need one. they are black.
10.  Turn signal
11. Air cleaner
12. Heater and bracket and misc parts.
13. wind wing deflector.   I am missing (2) mounting brackets.

new dash.jpg

911 Darrin 003.JPG

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On 9/12/2020 at 1:30 AM, nick8086 said:

The guy started to send me picture of cars he did not own..


He told me he had them he did not own the cars..... maybe another scam?  


It is best to deal within our own network.. or just eBay it..

So what makes the difference that he didn't own the cars?  He wanted to buy parts.  If he pays, how is that a scam?  I would not care if he paid me for them, then thru them in a fire.

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