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Yes I am out of the Buick business (I'll be putting lots of parts under pay it forward) but I did buy something fun I could drive. The 55s have always been my jam, but I discovered the 57s have equally nice tail fins, but a lower, sportier stance. The grill is like a combo of 54 and 56, but I like the big ornament in the center (mine was removed but I have it and will place it back on). I've hesitated posting it here because the mods done to it will likely be less than popular, but here it goes.


I've already changed the hubcaps(see video below).

Current mods:

Electric wipers

1989 GM interior with bucket seats

12 disc changer and 6 speaker sound system

True duals

Paint (was originally blue and white)

Electric fan

Security system

Dual antennas


Planned mods:

4bbl conversion or holley sniper (still deciding)

59 buick oil pump

Power brakes


Here's a little walk around....



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51 minutes ago, JohnD1956 said:


Like the horn.  We should have a horns honking thread...lol..


But the exhaust sounds healthy.  Good luck with this one!


Now as to the fuel line. Didnt the 57 guys indicate flexible line from tank to pump is correct for 57?

Speaking of horns.  There is an ooga horn under the hood but I couldn't find the switch and just haven't traced wires yet.  Saturday cruisin' I pulled up to a stop light, grinnin' like a mule eatin briars when this horrid noise starts.  I thought maybe the water pump was dying. As it turns out, the ooga horn switch is hidden under the carpet near where I rested my left foot. Since I wasn't depressing it directly or completely, the horn was stuttering and shrieking. 😳  The exhaust does sound healthy.  As for the fuel line, I was unaware...  Isn't rubber hose more prone to vapor lock?

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39 minutes ago, NC-car-guy said:

As for the fuel line, I was unaware...  Isn't rubber hose more prone to vapor lock?


I don't know about the vapor lock propensity for flexible fuel line.  I don't know why it would be any different than the steel line.  Once again I believe in the use of that plastic wire loam product to insulate the fuel line.  Especially from the fuel pump back past the exhaust manifold. 


That's a funny story about the ah-ooga- horn activation.  Reminds me of the first time I drove my GS to work back in 2003.  Just as I was crossing the double railroad track there was an overwhelming clanging sound.  My heart dropped to my knees, figuring something blew in the engine and I would have to push the car of the tracks.  But turned out to be the train warning.  The bells went off before the lights and just as I was astride the two tracks.  Scared the be-Jesus out of me! 


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