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‘48 Continental - problems with 2nd gear?


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If the problem is in the tranny, you have to pull the rear end to get it off the motor.  Lots of work, but if you do go through it with all new bearings and gears that aren't perfect.  Remember Lincoln uses a main gear with more teeth than it's Ford counterpart.  Get the parts per the parts book from one of the suppliers listed in the club website.  If you have an overdrive that has to be rebuilt too.  U joint is also to be replaced.  And while you have it apart, it's best to remove the flywheel from the engine and have it resurfaced and 'trued' with a new clutch plate (Lincoln has a different one from Ford) and of course the throw out bearing needs replacing.  You want to do it right when you have it torn down as it's such a mess if you have to do it again too soon!  Good luck with it!

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John, to check the linkage adjustment place the shift lever in neutral and then make sure that the shifting levers slide onto the shift levers easily. Check to see that the shifting lever grommets are not worn so that they move the trans levers completely into gear. There are kits to replace the worn grommets.


The shift lever detents in the side cover of the transmission could be worn. Check by removing the shifting lever for 2cd and 3rd, then move the transmission lever into 2cd and then 3rd, you should feel a positive engagement in both gears.  At the same time check for play in the pin that holds the levers onto the shaft. I don't know if you can get the side cover off without pulling the transmission


If that is OK, then connect the levers again and have someone shift the transmission while you watch the action to make sure that the lever moves far enough to engage 2cd gear.


If those thing are OK, then you may have internal transmission problems like worn shifting forks and synchronizers.


Good luck.

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