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Steering box from Ply Q ,U-30 or Doddge DD, Needed

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  • ArticiferTom changed the title to Steering box from Ply Q ,U-30 or Doddge DD, Needed

Thanks Don  and Dave  .  At moment I am not having to do any thing .

     Per write up in Tech forum . was able to reduce slack back to it's manageable 3/4" from 4-1/2 "  . The problem was feeling the adjustment . By disconnecting the drag link from pitman , was able to feel each adjustment in pitman movement . and wheel . So work it out . I will in future be chasing down one because it is worn equal in worm mesh .

     I also found a number on casting . Do not know if you have them on yours , curious ..  C18358 or B ,not sure on end ,was using mirror .

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