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Cleaning an ashtray


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Any best practices on cleaning an ashtray of all the residue left over 80 years? Since it will never be used again in my lifetime, what is a good paint/color that appears well. Thanks 

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If you can unscrew the front that is actually part of the dash Facia so you only have the tray left,  you could soak it in evaporust.  That will clean it and leave as much of the cadmium plating that is still good.  If you can't then it's a bit more difficult as alot of ash trays have wood graining on them and since most likely a little surface rust exists on or under it,  Evaporust will strip the paint off as well.  I've blasted them before and painted them with a cadmium color paint and cleared it, as like you I was never going to use the tray for it's original intended purpose again. 

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