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"Greasers" on 1928 Chrysler's

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If you look at the distributor photo and description in the owners manual of a 1928 Chrysler Model 72 you will see a small canister for lack of a better word attached to the distributor body.  This is some type of lubricating device.  Apparently there are several of these located at different parts of the engine and drive train.  My car was stripped of all of them and now I have to replace them.  Are there different types?  Where do they go?  How are they restored to functionality? 

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Is yours a "show car" or a "driver" ?

If you are not headed to Amelia or Pebble Beach, put Zerks in all the right places.

Tie rods, drag link, king pins, spring shackles etc.

It will make your life a whole lot simpler.


Mike in Colorado


PS; Go on line and down load your owners manual.

       It has a "lube" chart inside.

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32 minutes ago, leomara said:

Mike, I like your suggestion, however, there are some places not easily accessible.  For example I believe one of these grease cups was connected to a hose going into the bell housing to lubricate the throw out bearing? 

That one should be kept as a screw down grease cup. I have a 30 Chrysler that has the screw down grease cup for the throw out bearing. All other fittings on the car are Zerks.

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A grease zerk at the throwout bearing is easy accessible through lifting the lid/cover (two bolts). Bonus is that you can be confirmed that fresh lubricant reaches the target I installed a zerk as the grease "wire" to the fitting had been cut by a previous owner.

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Three comments:

A chassis grease cup needs to be turned down "hard" to force the grease into the mechanical joint.

The distributor and clutch cups need a very small turn; one revolution at the most.

The old grease in any cut you have should be removed and washed out and a modern grease filled into the cup.

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