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 I have a 1936 Buick Special coupe with,like most cars of that time, a locking door handle on the passenger side only. I found a matching locking handle a wondered if the tumblers in those locks could be changed so both would work with one key.

 Does anyone know where to get the window / door crank handle retainer clips the ones I got from Auto Zone appear to small.

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I`m doing the same with my `36 Buick coupe exterior locking handles, using another passenger side locking handle it`ll fit in place of the drivers side non-locking handle, key slot will be upside down. Cylinder can be removed, re-keyed by locksmith to match your passenger side door cylinder, then cylinder is re-installed 180deg in the handle, key slot will be correct. The Filling Station shows to have the retainer clips, pt#FS-146. Hope this helps.

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