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Roof attached to the windscreen post detail

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I am getting a new roof ( convertible top ) made for my Buick Tourer (1922) the posts have holes in them at the top and the front hood bow ( wooden) has two clips attached that I'm guessing go over the tops of the posts.  I'm missing the hardware that I presume goes through the clips and holes to secure the roof so it doesn't fly off when driving.  I've seen Buick's that have wing bolts that go through these parts. Does anyone have a detailed,  close up photo of the fitting and or the wing bolt please.  


I have a parts book book but not the correct year.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  

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    This link shows how to make the top for your Buick the way it was originally made.  https://forums.aaca.org/topic/343452-antique-car-convertible-top-replacement/?tab=comments#comment-2031461


Attached are drawings of the front windshield bow brackets for a 1925 Buick Standard.  I am not entirely sure if this is correct for your 1922.  Maybe someone can use this drawing and input the correct numbers for a 1922 model.  Attached is the cross reference of brackets.    Hugh



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     You can make the brackets without too much difficulty by welding a few pieces of metal together.  To the left is an example of the metal pieces that I would use to make brackets for my 1925-25.  These are a rough cast part so not too difficult to replicate.  





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Here is a photo of the two winged bolts for the top that I have.  I have included my email address so that you can contact me if you are interested in them.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

email - renobuickman@gmail.com


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13 hours ago, dibarlaw said:

112265431125A237DB.png.c19fcae516f291f3e6d1e221d4b01f2d.png11226544683E9E0820.png.96b8b6eb48011624796708c012723f20.png 1925 Export style.

1770359054_DSCF1465(1024x768).jpg.afe101104139e6d04997bf1902111e18.jpg Probably what belongs on your car since my 1925 Standard had an older /cut down top(hood).

David, as I said the brackets on my top at this time are probably the same as what you would need.

 I believe my cars top came from a 1921-1923 model 45. The part number shown on the 1923 Book of Parts scan is good for both the model 35 and 45. 43238 right and 43239 left.


The scan shows some of the other important details. It also verifies the style of the thumb screws Terry is showing you.

If I had correct set for my car in hand I would send these to you. The Johnston rear window I have is for the earlier car also.

 But it may be years before I get to finishing up the correct style top. I did have top bows and sockets made. Now I have to make the correct brackets. Notice on the photo of my top that the bracket sits in a good bit from the inside radius of the front bow. The top I have on my car now has all the bows the same width front to back. The 1925 has them, smallest bow at the front to widest at the rear.

 I can do a drawing for you for the brackets I have.

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