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Old Chev 4 cyl engine


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 This is an engine a bit of a chassis I helped to move today. I think it must be a very early 490, with the exposed valve train. The back story here was the gent who owned the farm, who was part of my extended family brought this home a few decades ago, at which time it was configured as a rail service car. It has not run in decades, as is obvious by it's condition.

 We are curious if someone could give us some more information about this engine. It is going to be offered in the auction due in a few weeks time. I'm not at all sure it would even be rebuildable after sitting outside in our climate here in Ontario, so I don't expect that it would have a great deal of value. That's not the issue, I'm just hoping to get a bit more info.

 I'm hoping that you fine folks here can give me a bit of info about it.

 Thank you.









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It's not 490. More likely a 1925-26. The 490 flywheel is exposed,and the distributor runs off the back of the (square) generator. The valve train likely had a cover at one time,as evidenced by the studs sticking up.


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looking at the first picture looks like it is stamped date code: F 27 8

based on the Chevrolet stamping of that time frame, Owning a 29 & a 30 and same stampings


F being June

27 Day of month

8 being 1928


so i would venture June 27 1928 for the date code on the block


Casting Number 846709


If you want specifics the guys over on VCCA can get you more, they are the Chevrolet Gurus !!

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