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What am I going to do with all this stuff!


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As far as hoards go, this is a midget. I’ve been in buildings that exceed 5000 square feet and the stuff is piled/stacked up 2 floors. A decade or so ago, one if the most prolific collector/hoarders passed away and his collection was auctioned away in PA. The auction lasted about 9 days and at times there were 3-4 auctioneers selling at the same time. The building was about 40 x 200, with a loft above. Imagine the stress this placed on the surviving family members, who had no option but to watch Dad’s beloved hoard sold off at a fraction of his notion of value and probably less than he paid for many items.
A week ago I was invited to see a building that is 40 x 80 with 2 floors- and it holds only Pontiac parts from floor to ceiling. The 45 year old owner is still actively collecting. Cars that still deserve to be restored are getting buried under the parts. I asked him to take my advice and start restoring the cars soon.

It is our God given right to buy, collect, and hold onto whatever we want. But please recognize that some day it all will go away. I’d rather sell it on my terms and in my time.

I just  finished loading my 6 x 12 enclosed trailer for the trip to Fall Carlisle October 1-3. I was pleased to see that my little “collection” fits inside this small trailer. It’s already priced, as low as I can imagine and with the idea that the prices will be attractive to potential buyers. No, it won’t all sell- but;  just as in past years at Hershey, there is tremendous pleasure in reloading the trailer and seeing a much smaller load. Please come to Carlisle and help me fulfill my dream of selling every last thing!

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Well, I have so much time in all this and sending out pictures to several folks asking for specific $5.00 items, it is overwhelming! I thought about what to do and was about to just have an open house, but then the fires started up AGAIN. Thick Smoke and so many local folks loosing homes, businesses and car collections it is just so devastating! So far, all my cars are safe and the building full of STUFF inside and outside is OK. Here are a few more pictures taken today. These are mostly of stuff outside.









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You might not have any of these laying around but if you do see one,  I would be happy to purchase it if it's in usable condition.  No cracks and usable gasket surfaces.   Either just the exhaust or exhaust together.  Happy to pay a very fair price.  It's a 1949-1954 Dodge or Plymouth 6 Manifold.  Here are some pictures.  It will have a casting number of 854429-6 on it. 




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I've promised @bullrun (He is from the DC area) to meet him in Fort Collins or Denver at the end of this month...  The check is in the mail.  :)


I'll be traveling light going East, and not-so heavy westbound.


If I can get some juicy bits...  Tools?  Then I might be able to make the trek to California, then carry some items to Salt Lake or Denver.  He'll being doing a return trip to DC, although one would have to talk to him about places and cargo capacity.  Mid sized items?


I still haven't decided if there is anything good enough to come to California to pick up.


I might take the carburetor above, but the wheels don't appear to be quite right.


I am hunting for a frame machine/rack, and every once in a while an interesting one pops up in the South.


There was a piston lathe mentioned above.  I'll probably try out some babbitt sometime, and so, I'll need to consider some kind of line boring for the babbitt.  I may be able to make something work here when I get to that point.


Anyway, the trip east from Eugene is happening.  I just have to decide if I also want to go south.

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Last fall we comminuted about the four bladed fan in one of your photos and you set a price and I agreed that was a fair price.   I have not heard from you and have sent two emails and no response.    Perhaps I have the wrong email address so could you contact me at willard.schoellerman@gmail.com so we can make arrangements.  



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53 minutes ago, JACK M said:

What do those lighter colored caps with the red center with the white circle and center stripe ?

They're 1983-1998 Ford Ranger, Bronco II, Aerostar and the like.

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