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1940 Pontiac Torpedo Eight - $13,750 - Lime Rock, CT - Not Mine

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1940 Pontiac Torpedo Eight - $13,750 - Lime Rock, CT


Unrestored original Pontiac 4 door sedan. This was the top of the line Pontiac in 1940. It shared its body with Cadillac. Beautiful "art deco" styling. Never hit or molested. Solid floors, rockers and trunk with no rot. Mostly original paint with some checking and thinness due to age and polishing. Runs and drives perfectly. Excellent original upholstery. Headliner with no holes or sags. Windows original with some age - related fogging. Chrome is good. Car is complete and driven regularly in nice weather. Owned by elderly drivers, I have owned the car more than 5 years and it is titled in my name. Car lived out west at some time in the past, which probably accounts for the solid body with no rot. Three speed on the column shifts perfectly. Straight eight engine starts and runs smoothly. Drives straight at highway speeds. If you are looking for a pre-war car that you can drive and enjoy with your entire family and take it to a car show without worrying about someone touching the car, this is for you. Imagine a car in a used car lot around 1950 and this is what you would see. Not perfect, but a fun driver that will hold its value and give you many years of driving enjoyment. call or e mail (no texts on this phone).

Contact:   (860) 5-nine-6-4-zero-8-four

Copy and paste in your email:   a3a8dbafacf13e9cb580780e5eaf3088@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1940 Pontiac Torpedo Eight sedan.  Note: Seller list the truth, the 1940 and 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Eights were the only two years in Pontiac history their cars shared the GM Topedo C-Bodies with all other GM makes up through Cadillac.  Chevrolet did not share the body but did receive its own version for 1941.

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT a.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT b.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT c.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT d.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT e.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT f.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT g.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT h.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT i.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT j.jpg

'40 Pontiac Torpedo Eight CT k.jpg

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9 hours ago, suchan said:


Looks more like a snub-nose Roadmaster than a Caddy to me, though.


In fairness to the seller, he didn't say it "looked like" a Caddy.  He said it shared a body with the Caddy, which is accurate.  But you are of course correct about the more "snub-nosed" look due to the shorter hood, as 58L-Y8 states.

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13 hours ago, 58L-Y8 said:

Proportions tell, 7 1/2 inches longer dash-to-front axle on the Cadillac, even 4 1/2 inches more on the Roadmaster make a much more impressive car.  Nonetheless, these are one of the most attractive pre-war Pontiac Eights.

I 100% agree with your assessment. I would love to own this car.  

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1 hour ago, B Jake Moran said:

To me, all 1940 GMs had a similar corporate look. Not exact but a lot of similarity between the brands. 

That was completely intended by Harley Earl, GM cars would have individual styling identities yet be instantly recognized as part of the GM family.  Sharing of Fisher A, B & C bodies across makes and series guaranteed this would be so as well.

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