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Some work on my steeringwheel 1940 buick

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Somewhere in the past the previous owner of the car tried to make the broken and worn steeringwheel better with white paint. It had drips everywhere and it just didnt look right. So 20$ in paint, primer and sand paper this is my result.  Went for a bit more yellow color than before. 



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On 9/8/2020 at 3:30 AM, Roadmaster71 said:

 Nicely done, Robby.

Did you use off the shelf paint and primer or a custom mix?
Any details on what you used would be much appreciated.

I just the color hay. It is was a color i had the let them mix. Further is it a high closs inside paint. They dry up quite hard. After 2 days i could already take her for a spin again. First i just a white primer and applied it with a roller. Then the laquer. First did also with a roller. But wasn’t satisfied because the layer is too thin to smooth out so used a paint brush and applied quite a thick layer

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Nice job.  Apparently your wheel must have stopped shrinking. I did a similar repair on my wheel years ago. It looked good for a while, then

the original sections continued to shrink and everything started to come off. I gave up and put up with an aftermarket cover for years, flakes of paint

continued to work out and turn up all over the interior. Finally in 2012 I pulled the wheel when I put the car in for the winter and sent the wheel to

Koch's in California. They asked me to send them the center plastic for color match. I see in my records I sent them a check for $429.00 on January

4, 2013.  This seems low even for that time. The wheel is still holding up fine.


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