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WTB Cadillac Mascots from 1930's

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I am trying to complete a collection of Cadillac radiator cap & hood ornament mascots from the 1930’s. 


I have several mascots that I am still trying to locate and wanted to reach out to the forum for any possible assistance. On the first day of joining the forum 10 days ago, to my amazement, I was able to add a 1933 Cadillac (V8) Heron from a forum member. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the forum topics and discussions about a number of marques, not just Cadillac.


I always look for original items in original chrome without any repairs or touch-ups.


The following Cadillac mascots are the ones I need help with:


1)       1930-32    Cadillac Heron (cap)

2)       1933-36    Cadillac (V12/V16) Goddess

3)       1936          Cadillac (V8) Goddess

4)       1937          Cadillac Goddess

5)       1938          Cadillac (V8) Goddess


These mascots would only be for display in my personal collection.


If you might have one of these mascots, please PM me with the details.


I greatly appreciate your time in reading this and helping to further indulge my Cadillac passion. I promise that I would be the best caretaker possible and treat these historical pieces with the respect they deserve.


Thank you.

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