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1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan - Uncommon Color? - AZ - Not Mine

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For sale by Dealer on Craigslist: 1956 Ford Fairlane 4-Door Town Sedan in Phoenix, AZ  -  $12,900  -  Please call Copperstate Classic Cars  602 229-5000 from 8 AM to 5 PM 5 days a week


Link:  https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/ctd/d/phoenix-1956-ford-fairlane-town-sedan/7196928337.html


Seller's Description:


  • transmission: manual

This might be the driest and most rustfree 1956 Ford I have seen! Built in Los Angeles and always a dry south western car. If you like rust don't buy this Ford!!!
Arizona/California car and as such it was ordered with tinted glass but heater delete! I don't think I have ever seen a heater delete 1956 Ford before! It is also radio delete by the way.
4 bbl 292 Thunderbird V8 and with a 3 speed stick shift transmission. The previous owner passed away recently so I'm not sure if the engine has been rebuilt or just cleaned up and painted but it looks great under the hood! And in the trunk it looks just as great, rust free, clean and untouched!
Excellent body, nice paint, redone interior to match the exterior color, everything is new, headliner to carpet and everything in between!
And it is a great running and driving 1956 Ford at a very reasonable price.
I doubt you will ever find a drier and more rust free 1956 Ford and this sweet heart does not need anything, just get in and drive and have fun!!!
PRICE: $12.900.     Please call 602 229-5000 from 8 AM to 5 PM 5 days a week 





























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Clean car, and T-Bird V8 with the stick is a big plus. I had a '55 Victoria with that setup, and it was a fun car.

I'd never think of someone getting excited about radio and heater deletes. 

Pink outside is fine, but the non-authentic pink interior would be hard on the eyes after a while.

Something this over-the-top would look better with wheel covers rather than poverty caps, to my eye.

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Nice car. It was originally Buckskin Tan/Colonial White with a Medium Brown and Brown cloth interior. I assume the color change was to Sunset Coral. Probably black and white vinyl would have been a better match for the interior.

Lew Bachman

1957 Thunderbird Colonial White

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True story.

When I was in college, Psych 101 class, we covered a study that was done by a large metropolitan police force. They found that if they painted the booking area and holding cells walls pink, it had an almost immediate calming effect on the people processed there. Only trouble was prolonged exposure to this color had the exact opposite effect, so they ended up going back to gray painted walls. 

Knowing this, I think sitting in the car next to this Ford in rush hour traffic could make for an interesting morning drive.

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I should mention that I like this car and it's paint color. It's the upholstery pink that I'm not so keen on. It's a little too Barbie. OTOH, I wouldn't let that stop me from buying it if I was in the market...the price was right...etc.

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I love this car for my wife. I would replace 3spd with an auto trans and she would love it. Anyone live in this area nearby that would be willing to take a look. My concern (being from NY) is how much bondo, patch panels...etc the car has. I know it says it doesnt but so far in my life that is never the case. 

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I know of a man--I think he is in Scottsdale,

which is outside of Phoenix--who is an antique

car appraiser, a good one.  I could get in touch with

him and find out whether he could help you.


First, Turbo, even though YOU like the car for your wife,

I'd recommend that you make sure that SHE really

likes it, and wouldn't mind driving a car that is 60

years old with all its differences from today's autos.

Make sure that she gets to test-drive the car.  Does

this low-optioned car have power steering?


The best thing would be for you and your wife 

actually to go see the car--especially her, if you feel

she is really going to want it.  Air fare costs money,

but it's much less expensive than making a $12,000

mistake.  Maybe spend a few extra days to enjoy

Arizona's beauty and warmth.


Transporting the car from Arizona to New York may be,

I estimate from past experience, $2000 to $2400.

The company would be a reputable enclosed carrier

who specializes in antique cars--not some broker

whose services may be questionable.


Others here can tell you more about converting

to automatic transmission--the cost, and the

mechanical and interior changes that would be made.


I hope this gives you a realistic look at your goal!


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By the way, automotive designers know NEVER

to use a white dashboard, as this car has.

Even when seats and door panels are white,

dashboards are medium to dark colors for a reason:

In a bright and glaring sun, the reflection off the

bright white would blind the driver.

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