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3D printing

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I reproduced a carburetor heat control choke plate in 3D for a 1927 Buick. The object will be 3D printed.


3D printing and designing is my hobby for more than 6 years now and I had many functional designs on thingiverse.



I'm able to reproduce various missing or broken parts. It always helps if there is an example part which can be measured by caliper to be copied into 3D.

Personally I like to copy by caliper and ruler. For smaller parts I can use a 3D scanner.

Reproduction can also be achieved from a minimum of 3 photo's (top view, front view, side view,) but the more views the better plus general size of object i.e. HxWxDepth.

Sometimes reverse engineering can produce parts too


Let me know if I can be of any help.


Regards, Matt

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Sorry, not right now. The part from that other tread is being printed by Shapeways right now. I use a professional company to produce that part for me. I have no connection with Shapeways other than the fact that I'm a costumer.


I'm expecting that part Sept 24. I should add that I recently switched from one print method to another, hence the company involved.

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I can vouch for the value of 3D technology. I had three bakerlight plugs on my old distributor missing( see attached photo ). Could not source parts or replacement distributor cap so went the 3D way. Got them designed , manufactured with high heat resistant material , got a full replacement set so they are colour matched and they are a perfect.

 All for what I thought was minimal cost. John


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Thanks, I'm following your site to help inform me what can be done with 3-D printing. I'd appreciate you including the original part so I could compare. I have a couple of future projects and 3-D printing is something I know little about. Thanks again for helping me learn.

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