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1970 Buick Riviera For Sale-Cheap


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I have a pretty nice 1970 Buick Riviera that I need to sell soon for $2600. It does need a new L/F fender and a few things here and there. The car looks better than I would be able to describe it here. please call me @ 1(405)968-4718 or post any question here.

BTW- I live in Russellville, Arkansas- right on I-40, If you would like to arrange to see it. I'll try to get ahold of a digicam and post some pictures here.

-Red paint (could use a new one)

-tan interior (Needs headliner and a few seams are apart, otherwise nice)

-455 motor with Edelbrock 650 carb(original Q-jet is in the trunk, as is other original parts like the radio and air cleaner)

-tan vinyl top (exc. cond)

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I now have pics that I can e-mail to anyone who is interested. After seeing this car sell on EBay for a little over $2,000, I am going to adjust my asking price. Mine need less bodywork (only the one fender), but the interior of the Ebay car looks slightly better. I will price mine @ $2200. I think this is very low for this car but I've been keeping up with the few '70 Riv's that I have found on the internet, and they aren't selling for book value.

I guess the economy is bad enough to effect the collector car market, especially any car that isn't Concours condition or at least completely restored. I would like to do all mechanical work myself and wait for an economy that is more favorable to the old car market. But as I explained to Kevin over the phone, I'm a mechanical idiot. I even had trouble changing the thermostat (4 tries). The car is worth less than when I first purchased it a few months ago thanks to my meddling with it, and honestly I am afraid to try to fix anything else.

Here are a few more details that I feel are relevant:

-The brakes have needed to be bled twice in the past 4 months or so and a getting a little "soft" again.

-I need to tighten the power steering belt;

-needs new tires on all four corners.

-needs a donut gasket

I have been told these are all easy fixes but I'm not touching the car again-I don't want to devalue it anymore. But this is a great deal for someone, I think.

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OK. I am moving back to Oklahoma and I can't take this car with me. I'll sell it for the first person to come down here to Arkansas and give me $1600 for it. I have the title and it runs great, so if you want an original one for cheap this is your chance.

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