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Anyone know what kind of car this is

John Kelso

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I looks like 1909.  Has a 1909 Hupp style gas tank location oval behind the seat but wrong frame, it has 1909 Ford fenders....got me.  The patch on the front tire is awesome.  I read once they filled the tires with straw to get a few more miles out of them after they would no longer hold air.


Hupmobile Model 20 Runabout 1910 | Antique cars, Old classic cars, Classic  cars

1909 Ford Model T Runabout - Cars For Sale - Antique Automobile Club of  America - Discussion Forums

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Doesn't the Metz use full-elliptic springs in the front whereas the car in the first photo has frame horns?  If so, that would rule out a Metz.  I also don't think Hupmobile used that big quadrant in the center of the steering wheel.  Those also aren't T front fenders and the car would have still been fairly new at the time, so it's not likely a put-together.  

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Metz never had front frame horns because they had full elliptic springs in front and back.  Metz was a very cheapie car and the frame was light duty C channel, perfectly straight in length from front to back.  The frame stopped right at the face of radiator with a simple sheetmetal end plate covering/hiding the C channel ending point.


rear fender style is also not Metz, and running boards are too short ...and were not right hand drive, also only had one side lever for the friction drive.

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