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FOR SALE: 1930 Pickup

JD in CA

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Without stating the complete history of the automobile or the complete history of the Ford Motor Company, I present to you my immaculate 1930 Ford Model A Pickup.


I was fortunate to acquire this factory metal, very complete and solid original truck. It was restored about ten years ago, and I have taken the time to go through the entire vehicle, and re-present it in immaculate condition.


The truck has it original 90 year old engine, which gets going instantly with a touch of the starter, runs & drives like 1930. I drive it all over town, very reliable.   (verbal) history of the pickup since new, and information on the two previous owners.  



This is a true 1930, with a 1929 cab. As we know, Ford factory used every piece/part left over from the previous year.  I love this look, the change over to the ’30 feature, but still has the square cab.


Starting with a great paint job, I sanded down the orange peel sections, then did the three stage 3M Perfect-It paint surface system, followed by a deep carnauba wax. Did my best to get that deep black mirror, even if it is a working vehicle.  


Here are some other details I worked through:

·      Re-dyed the top and visor with SEM Landau Black

·      Restored the powder coated rims (on both sides) and changed to chrome lug nuts, have correct valve stems, and all five tires have full tread

·      Added Moto Meter, custom radiator screen, leather chain guards, and stainless hood hold downs

·      Removed the hood and radiator/shell.  Flushed the radiator, prepped and painted the undersides of the hood and shell

·      Installed passenger side door lock and key, repaired the original Spartan horn and added data plate 



·      The undercarriage is spotless, chassis, frame, sheet metal, transmission, all mechanical parts have been cleaned, prepped and painted, all fasteners are clean and all new cotter pins throughout 

·      I took all the engine components off, prepped, restored and repainted each piece individually, and reassembled to look like the first day it came out of the showroom: oil and, engine pans, fan, carb, hoses, etc

·      Going through the brakes, the components were like new.  But did install oversized pins on all the brake rods. 

·      Replaced the leaking gas tank valve successfully and installed a battery cut off switch

·      Filled the steering box with JD corn head grease, topped off the shocks with proper oil, and did a full lube job




·      Love the manual wiper!!

·      The entire space is spotless, freshly cleaned, painted, both sides of floorboards re-stained 

·      All the gauges work and painted a Tacoma Cream pin stripe

·      Added a personal touch by woodgraining the dash top and window garnish moldings to the 1934 Ford walnut burl pattern.  



Titled, registered and insured in my name.  1930 Ca plate is included.  Call or text  with any questions. 831-238-8235 Email is: fullscalemodels@yahoo.com

























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