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Plastic fuel filters

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I think you encountered a judge unfamiliar with AMC. Lot of AACA-eligible Japanese vehicles also use plastic fuel filters.


My best advice? Factory documentation and submit it to VP-Judging. That way it goes into the judging system for reference.

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Yes piles of documentation for the judge, while they are asking the question, after the trophies are handed out it is pretty much over.  Had a friend of mine get deductions for pearlescent paint, judge did not believe him because he had no documentation, 1932 Graham Model 57.  To be fair, the judges job is difficult to say the least, we need to help them as much as possible, be ready for the parts unique to your car, with documentation. 



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Judging is quite a bit of fun, I recommend everyone try it out at least at some point! Then go over your own car and see if you find anything you think might be questionable and be ready. Anything you know is unusual for the time it doesn't hurt to point out the the judges and say "this is correct, here is the documents". We on the judging team will not take that as any sort of insult! Just speak with the team captain. 

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IDK Terry- that's a gray area, esp since AMC sourced parts from everyone and everywhere.


Seems I remember a lot of pre-fuel injection Chrysler products had plastic filters too. Whether or not FCA still supports even the MoPar applications, much less the AMC acquisitions, I don't know.

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Guest Mark McAlpine
On 9/1/2020 at 12:10 PM, Raider21 said:

I recieved point reductions for a plastic fuel filter on my 1970 SST Javelin.  Plastic filters were factory installed on these cars.  Am I missing something?


Hello Raider 21,


    Do you have factory documentation that it came with a clear plastic inline fuel filter from the factory?  A page from the assembly manual, even a photo of an engine equipped with the filter on original factory sales literature will suffice to document it's correct.  As others pointed out above, have the documentation available when you car is being judged.  If you have documentation about something unusual on your vehicle or something you think the judges may question but is correct, show it to the Team Captain before judging begins.  Remember that the judging team does not have to discuss all deductions with you--only mandatory deductions (circled on the Judging Form) or maximum deductions (any time they take the maximum deduction allowed for an item--which is only when the item is not authentic, is missing, or is not fit for its intended purpose).  Your other opportunity to offer documentation is when you're asked about something by the time captain (e.g., "There's a question about the authenticity of the xxxx on your car.  Do you have documentation for it?").


    I recall your car at the Grand Nationals and the 1970 AMX next to it (and think they both had 390s--didn't they?), but don't recall seeing a plastic fuel filter on the AMX.  I'm not an AMC expert, but it seems strange that an SST would have a plastic filter but not an AMX with the same engine.  Additionally, the 1968-1970 high performance Javelins and AMXs I've seen with inline fuel filters had metal filters.  


    I checked with a friend who restored his 1970 AMX 390 with “Go Pack.”  (I was with him when he purchased the NOS grille for it when our club visited the Collier AMC dealership in Pikesville, NC about five years ago.)  He said the car should have a specific metal inline fuel filter (with AC markings right at the fuel line U-turn by the driver-side valve cover).  This doesn't necessarily mean plastic fuel filters aren't correct--there could be several reasons why some AMXs or SSTs had plastic fuel filters--but it does raise the question about authenticity.  That's why documentation is so important--most of the clear plastic fuel filters on cars (not just AMCs) are aftermarket and not authentic/factory correct--but there may be some instances where they are correct.  ("Never say never; never say always.")


    I gather you requested a copy of your Judging Form from the VP of Judging.  That’s great—it identifies any areas where deductions were assessed and let’s you address them before you go for your next award.  Start with the easy and less expensive issues and work your way through the list.


    In the future, I recommend posting any questions you have about judging under the "Judging" section of the Forum—it’s the more appropriate place for a question like this and you’ll probably get more responses there.


    Best wishes—be safe and stay healthy.  I look forward to seeing your SST at a future show.

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