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What sort of material is this?

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Does anyone know what sort of material Stutz used between the fenders and the body of its 1929 Torpedo Speedsters? 

The same material was used on the 1927/1928 Boattail cars? 


Some pictures show that the stuff is shiny rather than flat.



1930 fender.jpg

1928 fender.jpg

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Most likely it was Zappon, which is what Waymann body company used on their fabric bodies. The only other choice in the era would have been leather......which is unlikely at that point in time, or the top material used on closed cars in the center of thr rood. Robert J in Palo Alto Ca has a similar car in original condition, you should be able to contact him through the club.

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I guessing because of where it is and being designed as a splash shield, is probably fiber-impregnated rubber.


I don't believe Zapon was designed to absorb continual direct hits from small stones, etc.  



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