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1955 Buick Dynaflow Trans Cooler


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Anyone have any experience with either repairing or replacing the stock trans cooler for the 1955 Buick Century w/ dynaflow?  Mine is leaking trans oil pretty badly.  


What is the thinking about piping the trans oil up front to a more modern cooler mounted in font of the radiator?  Does this negatively affect trans oil pressure, due to the pump having to push the fluid the extra round trip distance?  If it does not, think this would be a good option. 


If it does negatively affect the trans oil pressure then I guess mounting a more modern replacement in the original location is an option.  Anyone done this?  If so, what cooler did you use?


Third option - has anyone had a stock cooler rebuilt/repaired.  If so, who did you use?


Thanks for any ideas anyone may have.






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9 hours ago, Fr. Buick said:

Are you sure your lines are tight?  Use a flair-nut wrench and give them a look.


If you have a picture, I can compare to some I have that might be correct.



Try that first.  The usual leaks are internal with water mixing with the trans fluid or water leaks from rusted hose connections.

You can add a cooler in front of the radiator or like I did install a fan driven cooler up in the frame rails.  I did this in addition to the stock heat exchanger because it could not keep up with slow driving in mountains.

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