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Training tool possible ?


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I bought this item and don't know what it was used for. I thought maybe someone could shed some light on it for me. It shows steering, clutch, transmission, rear end, gears, and brakes. I thought may be training tool or dealer sample.


Thanks for any help. 

















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Wish I woulda had one of these when I was teaching my kids to drive!


 It looks like it was designed to show how various gear drive layouts function in an automobile - steering, transmission and differential- and the friction devices that control them- the clutch and those external rear brakes.


What a great piece of functional of art, disguised as a bit of automobilia.

I can imagine the beleaguered shop teacher running it through its paces as he tried to explain  the intricacies of  gear ratio application and multiplication  to a bunch of Bowery Boys rejects who made revving engine and squealing tire noises when his back was turned. 

It could have also been in a late 1910's, or early 1920's dealers showroom to show prospective buyers how the  autos sold there had a  modern and vastly superior sliding gear transmission, along with  2 independent  rear wheel brakes, not that primitive, out-dated planetary type transmission with a single, internal brake that the car (a model "T" Ford) they were now driving had.


If it were mine I would happily slide any Hummels and  kid's trophies right off the end of the mantle to display this bit of history front and center!

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I attend a tractor and engine show in Portland, Indiana every year. They have various vendors that sell antique items. My wife actually found it at one of the vendor booths. She called my attention to the piece and was sure I would be interested.


The person who owned it told me it was owned originally by a Ford executive who lived in Pennsylvania. A construction company was working in the home of the Ford executive and seen the item. The piece was accepted in partial payment for the work being done in the home. The person I bought it from has owned it for 30 years and is now downsizing his collection of very high end collectibles. I passed it up for two days due to the high price but eventually decided to bit the bullet and purchase the item.


Due to the information I have received so far I don't think you will find another. The chassis works very well and is excellent condition. It appears to have a museum catalog number on the front but I can't be sure of that. I wish I had more information but it appears that none is available. It is my opinion that it is a one of a kind at this point. I would like any opinions on the chassis and how old it may be based on the design you see.


Thanks for your interest in the antique item. 



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