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#94 Hal's Special 1941 AAA midget sprint car Class A query

william keogh

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any information on the owners and or drivers of a midget sprint AAA series race car that raced in the 1940's era . A picture of car is shown in the racing car section of the most current issue of Hemmings Magazine. It was called the Hal's special and used #94 with a Hal overhead Ford Engine. It raced in the Northeast area > Also could you suggest a contact person at AAA historian that might have records about the car . I have contacted the National Sprint Car Museum people . Thank you for your assistance
picture attached of 1941 AAA Class A midget plaque on the car 
Bill Keogh
Tel: 905-8712341 

hal's special AAA plaque .jpg

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Try contacting Racemaker Press in Boston. Also, in Palmer Mass is a car with an entire HAL engine, not just a head......he has detailed knowledge of all HAL products and has books and magazines from the era. His first name is Dean........last name escapes me.

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