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1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

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That'll sell. It's priced right. I try to keep a Mark V or a Town Car/Coupe in the showroom at all times. I can buy them reasonable, mark them up a bit, and sell them fairly reliably. That one will find a home with good colors and the handsome wheels.

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12 minutes ago, edinmass said:

Land yacht......very nice.

Yup, if it was a 79 coupe and had the full glass roof, it would me one of my old cars.

Put 320K on the clock @ 14 mpg in 8 years, and sold it to a guy in Moline , ill. when we moved to Colorado.

Used the $$$ to buy a pick up.


It is priced right John, I wish you luck on the sale !


Mike in Colorado

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I am not a potential buyer, now; just adding a comment.


I worked at a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership, when these were new. 


Great cars, not really any problems; fantastic driving experience.  The 460 was a powerhouse.  I'll attach  a Wikipedia paragraph on engines:   😊


"The 460 cubic-inch V8 returned as the standard engine, becoming available from 1970 to 1977; from 1970 to 1972, the 460 remained exclusive to Lincoln. In an effort to increase fuel economy and comply with emissions standards, Lincoln added a 400 cubic-inch V8 for California for 1977, with the 460 remaining available in 49 states. For 1978, the 400 became standard (with the 460 as an option), with the 460 discontinued for 1979. Both engines were paired with the Ford C6 3-speed automatic transmission".


When the Lincoln was downgraded to the 400 cu in; was a sad day.  Of course most buyers didn't know the difference; technicians saw the writing on the wall.  Some say they can't tell the difference between the 460 and the 400,; well, that's their opinion. Believe me, there is a difference.


Nice color combination, on your car also.


Have a nice day.



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I've owned several 77 Lincolns, some with the 460 and one with a 400...a Town Coupe. The 400 was smoother running and markedly better on fuel than the bigger engine. Yes, there was a performance difference but I didn't buy my Lincolns to race them.


I like the color on this one!

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