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Answer to previously asked question about steering ratio with H2 Handling Package


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I was looking for the answer to a different question in the search feature and ran across this.  Someone asked recently and as far as I know, no one answered.  So write this down for future reference. 🙂  


The Ride and Handling package was commonly used on the Gran Sport, but was a separate option. The modified steering improved the turning ratio from the standard 17 ½:1 (approximately 3 ¼ turns) to a 15:1 ratio ( approximately 2 ½ turns). The springs were stiffer and caused the car to sit an inch lower. The shocks were firmer, causing different weight distribution. Although it has been suspected that the front and rear stabilizer bars and bushings may have been stiffer, this cannot be confirmed. Since most cars have by now received new springs and shocks the handling is based on the replacement parts.

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    The H-2 option is 3 1/4 turns lock-lock as opposed to the standard which is about 4 1/4 turns lane-lane. 

Just kidding  4 1/4 turns lock-lock.

My fast ratio boxes are 2 1/2 turns lock-lock.  Makes the car feel like it has rack & pinion.


Tom T.

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On 8/29/2020 at 11:52 PM, arnulfo de l.a. said:

I  got 2 3/4 turns lock to lock. So i guess better that H2 not as good as yours Tom. I like , works for me!

I have Tom Telesco’s rebuilt Saginaw 808 in my 63 and I really like the steering feel. I needed help putting the steering box up to the rag joint. I must getting soft not to be able to use one hand to put it in place and bolt it up. I had to use crow feet wrenches to connect fluid lines. Make sure you torque down the bolts that hold the steering box on the frame. You don’t want to forget they have to be tight. ( ask how I know) Telesco will “ steer” you straight.


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Back in April of 2017, Tom Mooney answered a question about the H2 package.  I copied and pasted part of his answer here.  Tom M. has disassembled more Rivieras than we can imagine.  I'm going along with him and what I posted above which Randall Crane took from the ROA's website.



Regarding the steering boxes, it has been my experience the standard steering box produces 3 and 7/8ths turns lock to lock and the quick ratio H2 steering box is one less turn or about 2 and 7/8ths turns lock to lock. Obviously this can vary as there is much going on after the steering box but this has been my experience with stock wheels/tires and standard suspension components


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