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Arrowlite work

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Well, with a nice fresh category to populate I’ll show some tinkering that I did.


While waiting on the engine parts to return I bought a pile of taillight bits that needed some work but were in decent enough for making a set for the right hand as a safety measure. Each bucket needed a little dent removal and one literally had a bullet hole in it... Here’s a couple before and after pictures of the repairs.






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Part 2, the rims...


Here are the repairs that were done on the rims. Wherever there is a crack just started there’s a piece of rolled brass wire snuck in behind the lip and soldered in place to keep it from propagating. And wherever they traveled up the edge  I made a patch from some soft copper flashing that fit the inside contour and held the cracks shut with a hose clamp while I soldered it in place along with a wire snuck in. Both before and after soldering I also quenched the brass to anneal it and hopefully remove the internal stresses that caused the cracks in the first place.


The last picture is showing the outside which still looks cracked but again it is going on an unrestored car and that is the look I’m after.




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