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Wanted-a spot light-mirror combination for my 1921 touring

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If anyone had a decent spot light/mirror combination for mounting on the drivers side of the front window of a 1921 Model 45 Touring I would be interested in purchasing if it is for sale.





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Chuck: The one I have I found at Hershey. There were dozens of Stewarts for open car mounting. This one was the best I found. Nearly perfect reflector /glass and mirror. A quick wipe down and new wiring to be mounted on the car.  Of the many I looked at this was the cheapest ($35.00.) Many of the others were $75.00 and up for something thoroughly rusted with broken glass or mirrors or both and little silvering left on the reflectors. I have an all nickel example to mount on my 1925 Master. It was probably on a piece of fire-fighting equipment. 

 Ebay usually shows quite a few. Just query Stewart Spotlight. Vintage cars.


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Did a quick search Vintage Spotlight and there is..


Looks to have a nice mirror and reflector. 

Below is the same unit I had on my Master. Also on ebay.


It looks very period to your 1921. But, this has no windshield post mount or any other mount for that matter. It is 200% better than what mine looked like.


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