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FS-1956 Buick Century Station Wagon-Oregon


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1956 Buick Century Station Wagon. For restoration or parts. Professionally rebuilt nailhead v8 322 CI with dual offenhauser intake! Has a stock rebuilt 3 speed auto transmission and a rebuilt rear end and drive line. It is a fully complete chassis that has been sandblasted, painted and assembled. Complete sheet metal body all their minus the glass! The floors have some rust rot, but everything else is solid. Grandpa got the car 15 years ago to rebuild, unfortunately he got sick and was not able to complete the project. I am selling it for grandma. Includes original radio, steering column, hub caps, original tail lights, All the stainless trim, both "century" scripts, seats, power antenna, original grill and bumpers, 8 portholes, gas tank, mirror, 4 outer door handles, 4 interior door handles, 4 window crank handles, 2 wind wings handles. An amazing deal on a perfect car to restore! The car is in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.


Contact me at Zeke@batterystuff.com















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21 hours ago, intimeold said:

You have to love the, so called jack stands under the left front fender and front grill.  


And we were worried about Harbor-Freight stands.  

That doesn't bother me.  I imagine we have all done something similar for the purpose of mock up.  Not alot of weight there.  I give them credit for taking the time to mock it up,  instead of 20 bad photos in a drak corner with crap piled all over it and in it that doesn't even belong to the car and a couple of fuzzy pictures of those mocked up parts in a pile in the corner. 

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On 8/30/2020 at 6:22 AM, Walt G said:

Is the glass present with the car and just removed or is it gone completely? please be specific, it will help the sale of the car.

We cannot currently find the glass, but we are sure it has not all been broken. We think the glass could be mixed in with other cars, we are going through it all to find the it.

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