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'67 Bucket seat upholstery


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Full black set.


From Distinctive industries. I never fully installed them.


Very nice set. Just as good  - if not better than original.


PM if you or someone you know is interested.




Now free. You pay shipping.




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On 11/22/2020 at 9:50 AM, EmTee said:

Hey Paul, did you decide to stick with the Strato-bench in your '67?  I can't imagine that you found a nicer console...

No sir

I sold the seats to a cat in Texas - is putting them in a Catalina.


Gave the upholstery to Mr. Reed.


My back can’t handle that monster powered up Strato


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Wow Paul, wish I'd have known about your seat covers 😢

You know my tilt steering column story since I contacted you on ebay. I'd love to have that to replace my broken column. Unfortunately, I'm at a point right now where life is in the way of making any more future plans of car projects. You made me an offer on ebay which normally I would've grabbed up in a heartbeat. 

Let's talk off ebay and maybe I can justify it. 

FYI, I have tons of extra '66-'67 Riviera parts already and really should start trying to unload those.

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I’m sorry but the column is gone.

You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to give this stuff away. So much is one year only  

and shipping is what it is.

I still have the really nice driver grill set.


50 clams holiday break for members 







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