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Cadillac? spark wire tubes

Old buicks 2

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The top picture is a very early V63 Cadillac. Very early '24, or the rare, extremely late'23. Dr. Bob (Robert Smits), is the only person I know who has one. Harry Nicks had a very early '24 parts V63 which I have a picture of to give positive I.D. I have an early '24 which not being a VERY early '24, is different.


The bottom picture shows great similarly to the second iteration of the first Cadillac, (rear mounted distributor), 314 engine. Makes it an early '27, or perhaps a very late '26. However, there is a slight difference from my '27. I will put up a couple pictures to demonstrate.


These are in good shape. Someone may need them. Please advertise in Cad- LaSalle  forum with the period identification I have provided. Some guys do not have them at all, so specific identification might help for nit picking authenticity. Otherwise they will be thrilled to have something close enough.     -    Carl 





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21 hours ago, 95Cardinal said:

PM sent




In what is left of my mind, I thought my '24 had some differences from the top picture, therefore assumed some production change. Well, I just checked my pictures, and learned yet another lesson to check my memory more frequently, and avoid assumptions. The parts are identical. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that this is typical for ALL V63s. 


Hey Joe : Please give me a call sometime when you have nothing better to do.    -    Carl 





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