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Hi all,


Just wanted to introduce myself and and my latest project, a barn find 1928 Pontiac 6-28 that hasn’t seen the road since 1957. It’s very complete and it looks looks like it won’t take much to make it run again. We intend to leave it in its unrestored condition but make it run and drive safely (as can be for a 92 year old car). Currently awaiting a repair manual to arrive but a carb and fuel pump rebuild is first along coil cap, rotor, points, condenser, plugs and wires being replaced. Motor turns over well and the starter still works, also the radiator was replaced sometime before it was parked. 

However there is a few parts I will need to source  (I will link my post in the proper area once I make it).  Radiator cap, front passenger door glass and brake light lens being two of the bigger ones. On the radiator cap is there a generic cap that will fit? I’d love to find a correct Indian head but I doubt I’ll like the price so something more economical is welcome. 

I would like to ask if anyone has one in better condition in the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area that is willing to let me stop by and get some measurements off of it to replace the main sills? They are very badly rotted and are so far gone finding some of the OEM dimensions is impossible to re hang the doors. 

Lastly this question goes out world wide, is anyone restoring one currently to factory condition? If so I am interested in your patinated parts that you may be using for patterns only. A rear seat would be one, we have a complete frame for it but half the fabric is gone so it would need to total recover to be sat on, I would happily trade my seat frame for your useable worn seat. I would also be interested in door fabric as well as any used tires that hold air and a bulge free (5.50x20 if I recall correctly). 

Im sure I’ll have many questions that the manual won’t cover so I’ll be around. But if you have any parts that I listed please message me or leave a reply.





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Great find..Those cars have a nice feel and drive to them.


The door wood work IS going to be your biggest challenge..but you will get it done in time.


The original radiator caps can be had in not so perfect shape pretty reasonable some times..


Try to find out the thread size and diameter of the radiator neck..And think out side the box for something to fit.


I had a 1930 Hupmobile with a non-discript factory diecast cap that the threads were worn out ,inside rotted  and cap pitted badly.

By the luck ( hanging on the wall) the Model T Ford uses a heavy brass exhaust pipe to manifold packing nut like 1-7/8" or 2" 18 TPI (I think)and the Hupp radiator neck was the same..Weeee.

A 1/8" thick brass washer was neatly soldered to the top of the nut and a motometer installed..Very nifty ! 

Good luck...






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